Tree Soil Management Melbourne – Treespan’s goals of soil management is to improve tree establishment, health, growth and longevity. Here at Treespan we understand that Tree health is affected by many soil characteristics.

Unfortunately the soil’s critical role in plant health is generally ignored in suburban landscapes. It’s best to take a holistic approach and maintain soils with good physical, chemical, and biological characteristics.

Tree Soil Management Melbourne Treespan provide soil management, soil sampling, soil analysis, soil modification, mulching, and tillage. Before any soil management is implemented the soil should be assessed to determine the soil characteristics and conditions that may limit tree or shrub development. After the implementation of soil conservation and modification a follow up assessment is important for evaluating its effectiveness.

tree-soil-management-melbourneMulching is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve urban soil quality and tree health. When selecting mulch, organic materials are usually preferred to inorganic materials. Organic mulches moderate soil temperature changes, reduces soil compaction and erosion, and increase soil organic matter, thereby stimulating microbial activity and nutrient availability. Good soil fertility and structure are essential for long-term tree health.