Tree Care Melbourne – Treespan provides services that include:

  • Tree Pruning
  • Crown Cleaning
  • Tree Crown Thinning
  • Tree Crown Raising
  • Crown Reduction and Restoration
  • Soil Management
  • Tree Pest & Disease Management
  • Tree Planting

Having a passion for tree care means ongoing education and training. Treespans main concern is customer satisfaction and correctly caring for trees.

Whatever queries or problems you may have with your trees we can usually help. All tree work is carried out by qualified and experienced arborists using correct equipment and procedures.

Treespan works to exceed standards of safety and environmental care. We are a member in VTIO (Victorian Tree Industry Organisation). Our staff are dedicated to upholding the standards of OHS Policy and Procedures and holding ourselves and our staff to the highest levels of safety and service. All tree pruning jobs meet the exacting specifications of the Australian Standards for Pruning of Amenity Trees 4373:2007. Our insurance carrier guarantees a liability policy up to $10 million, an essential protection for our company, our customers, and our community.

The price of an Arborist in Melbourne depends on the work performed. The easiest way to ascertain the cost is to schedule a free onsite visit by a qualified arborist. This is the only way to honestly evaluate your grounds and help you find the best course of action. Melbourne Tree Care – Treespan understand the value of  trees and never advocate removal when pruning will preserve the health of the tree and be less expensive. We also know the benefit trees add to properties in terms of property valuations, unlike many tree removers who simply remove the tree without thinking twice.

At Tree Care Melbourne – Treespan we anyone who climbs must maintain a certification level of 3 or better, including continuing education. They must also be trained in Aerial Rescue at a reputable training organisation. Unqualified Arborists may not have the appropriate level of insurance or no insurance at all. Our policy covers public liability up to $10 million.