Tree cable and bracing is used to support structurally weak trees that are susceptible to damage from winds, storms, or even the weight of their own foliage. These tree support systems included  Cables, Braces, Guys and Props and any one or all can be used to REDUCE risk associated with certain types of tree failure.  This support techniques use hardware to make the tree more structurally stable. As a Certified and Qualified Arborist, it is my responsibility to safeguard people, property, and the environment from potentially hazardous trees.

It must be remembered that not all risk can be mitigated by the installation of a tree support system and if tree failure is likely to impact a target and cause damage it may be necessary to recommend tree removal.

When is Tree Cable and Bracing Required?

  • Weak or Structurally Suspect Crotches in Tree
  • The Appearance of a Crack at or Just Below a Crotch
  • Tight “V” Crotch with Included Bark
  • A Split at a Primary Trunk Crotch
  • Multi-Stem Trees with Suspect Crotches
  • Trees or limbs with Heavy Foliage
  • Long, heavy, poorly tapered or over extended branches

At Treespan  we know the importance of identifying when trees become unsafe to nearby properties and people, but we also recognise the aesthetic value a beautiful tree can add to a landscape. Often, the first response of a property owner to a hazardous tree is to have it removed. At Treespan we look at all the options for the property owner in order to reduce a potentially hazardess trees risk potential. that may include Pruning and implementation of a Tree support system or tree removal.