Tree Pruning
Removal of deadwood, branch stubs, cracked or crossing branches, canopy reductions and dynamic and static bracing.
Tree Removals
The process of removing trees can range from being straightforward to very complex and dangerous.
Pests & Diseases
Elm Leaf Beetle and Aphids, Leaf Lurp and Oak Leaf Miner, We offer tree pest management services that deal with these issues.

Tree Services Melbourne

Tree Services Melbourne – Treespan provide a wide range of expert Tree Services to the Melbourne area. We are fully qualified, insured and expertly trained in all aspects of tree care. Please browse the list of services below and contact us by phone or our online enquiry form to request a free quote or answer any questions you may have.

Tree Removal Melbourne

The process of removing trees can range from being straightforward to very complex and dangerous. At Tree Services Melbourne – Treespan we have a qualified arborist that will carefully analyse its age, location and condition to determine the best tree removal method. For your piece of mind, we are fully insured carrying $10 000 000 in public liability insurance and guarantee that all work carried out on site complies with all industry best practices, safety standards and regulations. Click here for more information on Tree Removal

Tree Care Melbourne

Tree care includes tree pruning, Crown Cleaning, Thinning, Raising, Reduction and Restoration. Having a passion for tree care means ongoing education and training.  At Tree Services Melbourne – Treespans main concern is customer satisfaction and correctly caring for trees. The majority of tree problems start within the ground and this is the most important element in the plants health. Click here to see more information on Tree Care

Tree Pruning Melbourne

We offer expert tree pruning to suit your situation, be it a large tree in a small garden or dangerous trees requiring attention. Work is carried out by fully trained and professional staff using cutting edge dismantling and rigging techniques avoiding any damage to your property. Click here to see more information on Tree Pruning

Tree Cable & Bracing Melbourne

Tree cable and bracing is used to support structurally weak trees that are susceptible to damage from winds, storms, or even the weight of their own foliage. These tree support systems included Cables, Braces, Guys and Props and any one or all can be used to reduce risk associated with certain types of tree failure. Click here to see more information on Tree Cable & Bracing

Tree Pest & Disease Melbourne

Tree Services include Integrated Tree Pest & disease management that is a method for managing pest that combines appropriate preventive and control tactics into a single management strategy. The goal in tree pest & disease management is to manage pests and their damage to tolerable levels. Click here for more information on Tree Pest & Disease

Soil Management Melbourne

We provide Tree Services that include soil management, soil sampling, soil analysis, soil modification, mulching, and tillage. Click here for more information on Soil Management

Tree Risk Assessment Melbourne

A formal tree risk assessment, performed by a trained arborist, is the best way to guarantee all of your bases are covered. During the assessment, the arborist will look at your trees, identify defects, then judge how likely that defect is to cause tree failure. Click here for more information on Tree Risk Assessment