Tree Removal Melbourne – Treespan provides the Expert and professional services of a qualified arborist.

Tree Removal may be required if:

  • When trees get diseased or die
  • the tree has become unstable due to age, storm damage, disease or drought
  • your tree may have become too large and aggressive for the position it is growing in
  • the roots of your tree may be causing structural damage to your property
  • When trees become structurally unsafe
  • Trees get damaged from thunderstorms or high winds
  • Tree roots cause damage to pipes, paving or building foundations.
  • The roots soak up too much water from the surrounding area
  • We can undertake all tree removals including small trees or difficult access work trees need removing for a variety of reasons
  • We have the knowledge to advise on the best and most cost effective way to safely remove trees from your home or development site.
  • We use the latest rigging techniques to bring large trees down safely in those difficult and confided areas.

The process of removing trees can range from being straightforward to very complex and dangerous. But no matter what the situation is, a qualified arborist will need to carefully analyse its age, location and condition to determine the best tree removal method.

At Tree Removal Melbourne – Treespan we are fully insured carrying $10 000 000 in public liability insurance and guarantee that all work carried out on site complies with all industry best practices, safety standards and regulations.

Our Tree Removal Melbourne services will also have minimal impact on the other areas of your home as our employees are all trained to ensure that no damage is done to your property.

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